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Looking for a wireless camera solution? Check out SlingStudio!

We’re excited to introduce you to a new wireless camera solution! SlingMedia recently introduced a new product called SlingStudio. SlingStudio is a portable, wireless multi-camera broadcast platform. It consists of a Hub, wireless transmitters, and an iPad app called the SlingStudio Console. SlingStudio makes it very easy to create a live wireless  production using up… Read more »

Grow Your Content With Social Media

  Social media has become a huge part of live sports and broadcasting. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become essential second screens for viewers. As the digital age shortens our attention spans , the importance on catching your viewers eyes on multiple platforms even more important. According to Chicago-based research company, Navigate Research, sports… Read more »

Osprey USB 3.0 Video Bridge

Osprey Device Osprey and Production Truck We have a new capture device that we are excited to tell you about, The Osprey USB 3.0 Video Bridge. The Bridge is a USB 3.0 device that not only brings your video feed into Production Truck, but it also can scale the video down. When the video is… Read more »

End of Season Broadcast Management

As the days until summer get lower and lower we are all transitioning to either the end of a school year or the beginning of summer events! Schools will start to empty out and traveling teams will begin hitting the road as summer gets underway. Now is a great time to go back and review… Read more »

New RSS Ticker Overlay!

Your broadcasts are only a single piece of the puzzle when it comes to your organizations content. These broadcasts should not only provide entertainment but also help grow your viewership and branding of your athletic department or organization. We’ve released a new overlay that will keep your viewers up to date on the current events… Read more »

Only You Can Prevent Laptop Fires

Grab your jackets, sunscreen, and umbrellas. Spring has arrived! The temperatures are rising which is great for us but bad for our laptops. Keeping your laptop cool is crucial to keeping your broadcast streaming and your quality at it’s highest. Your computer is able to handle basic heating situations that you may experience in a… Read more »

Sports Video Innovator Hires Streaming Industry Veteran

Lexington, KY – BlueFrame Technology, a digital video solutions provider, has added Chris Knowlton to its staff as Partner and Chief Strategy Officer to assist the company in continuing its rapid growth in the live streaming industry. Knowlton said “It’s an honor to be selected as the new Partner and Chief Strategy Officer. I’m looking… Read more »

BlueFrame Production – NJCAA Basketball Championships

Hello BlueFrame broadcasters, We’ve been out and around the country these last couple weeks producing the NJCAA Basketball championships, and we wanted to share with you a behind the scenes look on what we were able to accomplish using our service and production tools firsthand!   VIEWERSHIP  Between the six championship events, we had over… Read more »

OTT Platforms and BlueFrame

What is OTT? As live streaming grows more and more, the delivery of your content needs to grow as well. The internet has been hard at work driving a wedge between viewers and cable providers. Those who have jumped ship to primarily using new internet based content providers have canceled their cable subscriptions that they… Read more »

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