BlueFrame Production – NJCAA Basketball Championships

Hello BlueFrame broadcasters,

We’ve been out and around the country these last couple weeks producing the NJCAA Basketball championships, and we wanted to share with you a behind the scenes look on what we were able to accomplish using our service and production tools firsthand!



Between the six championship events, we had over 130,000 views! This was a 24% increase from last years events, and we believe this boost was due to the promotion of instant replays on Twitter, which you can read more about below.

In addition to fans being able to view these broadcasts from computers and mobile devices, BlueFrame recently released NJCAATV apps for Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. During the month of March, which was when the championships occurred, we increased the number of downloads on these apps by 200%.



The live stream had some amazing plays, and we were able to post a lot of great replay clips to the NJCAATV Twitter account (@NJCAATV). In the month of March, the NJCAATV account had 1.4 million Twitter impressions and gained 619 new followers.

Our highest rated tweet, which you can find here, had over 40,000 impressions. Talk about a mic drop!



We’ve pulled some of those instant replays together into an NJCAA basketball highlight reel, which you can watch below.



If you want to watch any of the championship broadcasts, they are easily found on the NJCAATV website (, but I’ve included some links to all six championships games below as well.

NJCAA DI Men’s Basketball Championship

NJCAA DII Men’s Basketball Championship

NJCAA DIII Men’s Basketball Championship

NJCAA DI Women’s Basketball Championship

NJCAA DII Women’s Basketball Championship

NJCAA DIII Women’s Basketball Championship



BlueFrame and the NJCAA have partnered to create an innovative digital network for junior college athletics.  The network allows any school to easily connect student athlete achievements to family, friends, fans and coaches with a world class viewer experience. Want to learn how you can take advantage of these tools for YOUR school, conference, or organization? Contact us today.

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