End of Season Broadcast Management

As the days until summer get lower and lower we are all transitioning to either the end of a school year or the beginning of summer events! Schools will start to empty out and traveling teams will begin hitting the road as summer gets underway.

Now is a great time to go back and review the broadcasts that you did throughout the year. What can you improve on? What equipment would you like to upgrade? Are your archives organized and properly named?

We want to make sure that you are using all the features we offer to get the most out of your broadcasts, especially the archives! You put in all the work of producing those games, make sure they are properly named and organized so you can easily go back and find them. Here are a couple tools to help you manage your broadcasts efficiently.

Editing Broadcasts

We’ve all been there, you’re busy setting up cameras and your audio mixer when you open up Production Truck and realize that you completely forgot to schedule the broadcast event. You type in a quick title and click create to get you started promising yourself that you’ll go back and rename it later. Well if you’ve done this and never returned now is the time to fix it! On vCloud you can easily edit your broadcasts so that you and your viewers can easily find the broadcasts you’re looking for. The small organizational changes you make today will help yourself and viewers when they search for content for years to come. On top of editing titles you can also make sure that your sections and descriptions are accurate.
Create Playlists

To add another layer of organization to your broadcasts you can also create playlists to organize your content. Create curated playlists based on sport, regular season or post season, home vs away, or any other subset of broadcasts you can think of. These can also help you take control of your broadcasts organization.


Before you log off for the summer go back and see how your broadcasts did for viewership. You can easily see analytics on a individual broadcast basis as well as the data on an entire season. View how many viewers tuned into your games and see if you can turn that data into a monetization effort next year. To brush up on how to view your analytics check out our tutorial video!

Downloading Broadcasts

Create highlight and promotional videos during the off season with content from your broadcasts! You can download your entire broadcasts quickly using the Request Download feature on vCloud. Check out our tutorial video to learn how to do this!

Keeping your broadcasts organized and curated not only makes them easier to find and discover but it also adds value to them. Broadcasts that are poorly titled and overall difficult to find add very little value to your organization. If viewers or past players can easily identify and discover the games they are looking for it makes that content incredibly valuable for them.


Kaiser De Kam

BlueFrame Support

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