Introducing the New and Improved Windows Production Truck

Windows PT 4.0

Our entire team at BlueFrame Technology is pleased to announce the newest Production Truck release, WinTruck 4.0.69. As you can tell by the version number, we put a lot of work into our development of the software before making it available for all Production Truck and BlueFrame users. BlueFrame’s development team has completely rebuilt our Windows software from ground up. The most notable improvement are the increased stability of the program and the less intensive processing power required to run the software. 

In addition to these fundamental and powerful underlying changes to the software, our team has also introduced new Windows Production Truck features: 

  • You can now add cameras directly from the main PT screen, without having to go to the Audio/Video menu
  • The user interface for Windows PT now looks sharper and sleeker, more similar to the Mac PT 
  • We have introduced Picture-in-Picture, previously a Mac only feature
  • An updated video clips menu
  • Faster graphics rendering for overlays
  • Removal and fixes of buttons that did not function correctly

Although it’s great to read about all these feature pushes and the improved performance of this new Windows Production Truck software, it’s even better to see it! We’ve had some users utilizing our beta version of the Windows software in the Winter and Spring sports seasons. Virginia Union was one of these users. They had tried our original version of the Windows PT software this past fall. The video was close to unwatchable; stuttering and in SD 270p. We first had them switch to an alternative software. It was better, but still not acceptable for viewers or for BlueFrame. We had them switch to our Windows Beta version of the software for the rest of their basketball season and they were able to stream smooth HD 720p video. 

Windows PT – Original Version
Football – Virginia Union vs. Livingstone – 9/29/18

Windows Alternative Software 
Women’s Basketball – Virginia Union vs. Edinboro – 11/10/18

Windows PT – 4.0 Beta
Women’s Basketball – Virginia Union vs. Elizabeth City State – 2/20/19

The best news of all is that not only can you have better quality and performance today from our new Windows software, but that we can now start building in even more of what today are our “Mac only” features. On our road map are: hotkeys, replay, social media sharing, HD 1080p video quality, and transitions. Interested in downloading it? It’s available to download on our Production Truck page and available directly HERE.  


We hope you enjoy the new Windows software! 

Josh Braun, Director of Sales and Richard Jones, Head Windows Production Truck Developer


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