Only You Can Prevent Laptop Fires

Grab your jackets, sunscreen, and umbrellas. Spring has arrived!

The temperatures are rising which is great for us but bad for our laptops. Keeping your laptop cool is crucial to keeping your broadcast streaming and your quality at it’s highest. Your computer is able to handle basic heating situations that you may experience in a warm conference room or a gym but when you’re outside in the sun your laptop isn’t ready on it’s own. It’s easy to do a quick check if your Mac is over heating. If you place a finger above the function keys on the thin metal strip and you can’t hold your finger there for more than a few seconds it’s probably over heating. If your machine does reach excessive temperatures Production Truck will display a red triangle warning you. Even if it’s not overheating keeping your computer nice and cool will help your system run more efficiently.

Here are a couple ways to keep your computer cool in the heat.

  • Place an object like a book under the back of the computer propping it off the table.
    This allows more air flow under the computer to cool the computer.
  • Whenever possible place your broadcasting setup in the shade. If you don’t have a roof to go under consider purchasing a small sun tent to block the direct sun rays.
  • One of the best options is to purchase a laptop cooler. These coolers sit under your computer and use small integrated fans to create airflow and cool your laptop.
    Most are powered by a USB cable.
    1. LB1 15″ Cooling Pad
    2. Cooler Master Notepal U2
    3. Topwell Ergonomic Cooling Pad


If you broadcast any outdoor events the odds are that you will run into an over heating at some point. Be proactive and have a cooling system in place!



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