OTT Platforms and BlueFrame

What is OTT?

As live streaming grows more and more, the delivery of your content needs to grow as well. The internet has been hard at work driving a wedge between viewers and cable providers. Those who have jumped ship to primarily using new internet based content providers have canceled their cable subscriptions that they once had through Comcast, Dish, Time Warner Cable, or any other provider and chose to view their content through internet based devices. These devices are called OTT platforms which stands for “Over-the-top”. Even if you’ve never heard of OTT you’ve probably heard of Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android TV; these are the big four players when it comes to OTT platforms.


So what can these platforms offer? If you own one of these devices you’re aware that you can watch content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and have your choice of thousands of games and apps to be downloaded from their app stores. As BlueFrame streaming customers these platforms can offer some interesting advantages for making your content more accessible to your viewers. With a device like Apple TV your viewers can send their content from their mobile devices to their TV, making it a better viewing experience as they take advantage of the larger screen and better speaker quality. This is where these devices started though, today it’s about apps and making your content available directly on the TV.


So what about apps? BlueFrame offers branded multi-channel apps for your broadcasts. Having your own branded app available for your viewers is a great way to make your broadcasts look and sound even better. Viewers have the ability to tune into live broadcasts, search through archives as well as check out your scheduled upcoming broadcasts. Having a consistent platform to deliver your broadcasts is extremely important. They should be able to find your broadcast and watch it where ever they are with ease. If their on the go, a computer or even mobile device will suffice with your broadcasts showing up on your website. If their at home, why make them watch it on a 15inch computer screen or worse a 4inch iPhone, when they have a big screen tv in the living room.

Expanding your network to the living room means not only giving your viewers another medium to watch but it means giving them a better way to watch. They no longer need to worry about having an out of date internet browser or computer issues. With OTT platforms they can just launch your app and start browsing through your content.

Have an organization or conference? We can create an app that pulls broadcasts from multiple schools into a single app for your organization. If you’re interested in having your own app for one of these platforms contact our sales team!



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