#Production Trucker Top Plays: February 2019

The #ProductionTrucker Top 5 Plays is a monthly contest where schools are able to submit highlights from their games that they caught using BlueFrame Technology’s Production Truck Software. Winners of the contest each month will receive some BlueFrame gear, including a “Production Trucker” hat and some BlueFrame stickers and a pen. Additionally, their video will be featured on our website throughout the next month.


This was one of the toughest competitions we’ve had thus far because we had SO many entries. We hope that this continues to grow and be a fun way to interact with our customers and see all the work that is done with the Production Truck Software.


The winners for the February contest are:
1. Rowan College of Gloucester County
2. Florida Southern College
3. Southland Conference
4. DeSales University
5. Missouri Southern State University


Congratulations to our winners!


To enter each month, competitors must tweet their highlight videos with the hashtag #ProductionTrucker  and tag BlueFrame in the post. At the end of each month, we will select five winners that we feel showcase the software best.As always, we would like to thank everyone who entered for their submissions!

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