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It’s not very often that a streaming service feature gets people excited – but there’s a good chance with this one.

There’s a very underappreciated broadcasting technique that we see all the time in situations like Sunday afternoon NFL games or even more prominent events like the NCAA National Tournament. The “Live Look”. You may be watching your favorite team when the commentators will take a breath and say “Let’s take a game break and see how bad the Browns are this week”. Just like that you’re watching a football game that may be happening across the country from your favorite team. As viewers we’re accustomed to it and expect to see what else is going on around the conference or league – giving us a live update at records being broken, a standings race, or even a championship being won.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to do that with your broadcasts? (You’re right, this would be a terrible blog post if you couldn’t.) You can!

With the BlueFrame streaming service and Production Truck you have the ability to plug a live broadcast into your Production Truck as a camera source. This makes it very easy to cut from the action at your event to the live action at another event that could a state over or even across the country.

This past weekend the Great Lakes Valley Conference was one of the first to use ability for their wrestling events, one was in Indianapolis, IN and the other in Springfield, MO. We have a short video from the event going over how they did it and then check out our tutorial on how you can do it yourself!



Let our support team if you have any questions!





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P.s. You must be the site owner of both broadcasts to do this, or have permission and help from the other broadcast owner.

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