We’ve snuck some new features into Production Truck, have you found them?

In the past few weeks we’ve added some small but pretty cool features into Production Truck. The goals for these new additions are to add more efficiency and quality to Production Truck and the producer.  We hope these little features can help add some value to your broadcast!

1. Changing your camera when a video clip is playing.
In the past if you played a commercial you were forced to come back to the camera that was active when the commercial was fired. For example, if your Camera B was active when you fired your video clip, Camera B would be active when the clip ended and you returned to the game. Now, you’ll see a green outline on the camera sources when you click on them during a clip. When the video clip ends whatever source has been selected with the green outline will be the active camera.

2. Clear all button for video clips.
The ability to capture instant replay is cool feature. Capturing replay on 4 cameras simultaneously is amazing. The pain enters though when you have  all of those clips in the replay clips tray and have to go through and Right Click + Remove.  We’ve added a new clear button to the bottom of the replay clips window.
You’re welcome in advance to your index and middle fingers.

3.  PIP Camera
You’re right, PIP is not a new feature – but we improved the use of it! Previously if you wanted to use a camera for PIP you had to designate one of your 4 sources to the task. Now there is a designated place below your Camera D source to choose your PIP Camera. This opens you up to having 4 live camera sources and a 5th camera source designated for just PIP.



4. Cloning a Broadcast
This isn’t a Production Truck feature but I think you baseball and softball producers will love this. If you are a BlueFrame Streaming Service customer you can clone a broadcast on Vcloud to avoid having to fill in all the information a second time for those double headers. To do this create your first broadcast, then click on the edit button to update it, this will take you to the Update Broadcast page. Next, go to Operations in the top right and you’ll see a clone broadcast button. This will duplicate everything from the original broadcast. You’ll notice it does add (Backup) to the front of the title. You can go through and edit that or any other information you entered from the first broadcast. Don’t forget to change the time!




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