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BlueFrame Production – NJCAA Basketball Championships

Hello BlueFrame broadcasters, We’ve been out and around the country these last couple weeks producing the NJCAA Basketball championships, and we wanted to share with you a behind the scenes look on what we were able to accomplish using our service and production tools firsthand!   VIEWERSHIP  Between the six championship events, we had over… Read more »

OTT Platforms and BlueFrame

What is OTT? As live streaming grows more and more, the delivery of your content needs to grow as well. The internet has been hard at work driving a wedge between viewers and cable providers. Those who have jumped ship to primarily using new internet based content providers have canceled their cable subscriptions that they… Read more »

Windows Production Truck Update – Version 3.2.19

Hello BlueFrame broadcasters, We have released an update to Windows Production Truck that has made some improvements to our Daktronics All Sport CG and Sportzcast Scorebot integratoin. If you haven’t heard, you can use Daktronics or Sportzcast to feed data from your scoreboard at your arena or field and into our graphics! Updates to Daktronics… Read more »

Long Distance Camera Solutions

The days are getting warmer which must mean we’re getting closer to our spring seasons. As you begin preparing to move back outdoors now is a great time to take a look at your equipment and setup to see what improvements are available. If you’re someone that does a lot of baseball or softball broadcasts… Read more »

Customizing Your Streaming Service

BlueFrame’s service has many tools available so that you can build a truly customized experience for your school or organization. Below are some pointers on how to best customize and improve your streaming! Network ID You may be wondering, what is a Network ID? This is a short introduction video that you can insert before… Read more »

We’re now going to take you live to…. (RTMP Pull)

It’s not very often that a streaming service feature gets people excited – but there’s a good chance with this one. There’s a very underappreciated broadcasting technique that we see all the time in situations like Sunday afternoon NFL games or even more prominent events like the NCAA National Tournament. The “Live Look”. You may… Read more »

Syndicate Your Broadcasts with Facebook and YouTube!

When promoting your broadcasts it can be tough to get the word out, spark interest, and of course convert that time spent into higher viewership numbers. We at BlueFrame have created a new tool for you! If you are a BlueFrame Streaming Service customer you can now easily syndicate your broadcasts to platforms like Facebook… Read more »

BlueFrame in 2016: A Year in Review

2016 was a busy year for BlueFrame Technology. We have been working hard to bring all of our broadcasters (and future broadcasters!) the very best end-to-end service and software combination in the video streaming market. After the numerous improvements we’ve made in 2016, we think you’ll agree. Check out all of the milestones that BlueFrame… Read more »

Adding A Drone To Your Broadcasts

Have you ever wanted to shake things up a bit and give your viewers a different point of view in your broadcasts? What better way to get your viewers a new angle of your event than from the skies? Drones are becoming more popular and accessible every day. Using a DJI Phantom drone you can… Read more »

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