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Recommended Camera Positioning

  This weeks blog post takes on a pretty simple but often overlooked topic, the guidelines for a proper camera setup. Positioning your cameras correctly is the key to making your broadcasts look professional and even easier to watch for your viewers. When you watch professional broadcasts whether it’s Monday Night Football, an NBA preseason… Read more »

Marketing Your Content in Production Truck

When you use Production Truck and the BlueFrame Streaming Service you are creating valuable content that should promote your organization. Creating and distributing content is awesome on it’s own but of course you also want to connect that content back back to your brand. We offer a variety of options when it comes to you… Read more »

Point to Point Wireless Internet Solution

BlueFrame Broadcasters, Tired of having to use a mobile hotspot, recording offline, or missing out on streaming games because your closest internet connection is too far away? We’ve got a solution for you! The Ubiquiti NanoStation can give you an internet solution that can send a signal across a wide range of distances wirelessly. For… Read more »

BlueFrame Help Center

BlueFrame Broadcasters!   A few weeks ago I mentioned some of the new ways we are working to better inform our users. One of these ways was a new support and resource center better known as the BlueFrame Help Center. We have been working hard to update and create new content and documents.  At the… Read more »

Improving your Video Quality

Who isn’t looking to improve their broadcasts? When you’re looking to boost the quality the quality of your video there are a few different areas to focus on. The first is of course your internet connection. The speed of your network can be the primary reason for not getting the full potential out of your… Read more »

New Features For Social Media Sharing!

If you are booting up your computer and Production Truck for the first time since spring you may have noticed a new social media sharing feature in Production Truck. This allows you to post screenshots of your broadcast or video clips directly to Facebook or Twitter from within Production Truck! For a tutorial on how… Read more »


We at BlueFrame Technology understand the amount of work and dedication it takes to create great live streaming content. With Production Truck we are continuously trying to make the process simpler and easier to use, without compromising on features. Along with creating these great tools we also want to make sure that our users are… Read more »

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