Frequently Asked Questions



  • Who is this BlueFrame company and why have I never heard of you before?BlueFrame Technology is a new company founded and owned by former employees of Volar Video. We have years of experience in the video streaming industry and feel that Production Truck and our video streaming services serve a valuable role in the video streaming market.
  • How long will be up?We plan on maintaining the Team 1 Sports platform as a place to direct your audience until we are able to deliver a media grid that you can embed on your own website.
  • Is there a good customer discount for former Volar customers?Yes, we are very appreciative of the relationships we have built with our existing customers, and we are happy to offer a 20% discount on all of our services to former Volar customers. Please mention your affiliation to the sales representative that you speak with.


  • I want to keep streaming, what do I need to do?Video streaming requires three major pieces: broadcast software, a streaming service, and a place to watch the broadcast. BlueFrame is focused on delivering high quality, easy to use, and cost effective broadcast software and streaming services. Here are some recommendations:



    • BlueFrame will no longer offer a free streaming service but here are some affordable plans.
    • An improved version of the streaming service you currently use, with greater stability (and lower bandwidth needs) using cloud transcoding.
    • All of BlueFrame’s streaming services come with a Production Truck license. All you need is a website to host your content.



    • All the features and function of Production Truck connected to the streaming service of your choice
    • Production Truck will be capable of streaming to any service that provides an RTMP endpoint. BlueFrame is working with many streaming services to ensure compatibility. Please check back for more details in the future.
    • Here are some free or low cost streaming service options.

  • Will BlueFrame streaming services require ads?No, BlueFrame will not impose any ad requirements on these streaming services. In fact, you will be able to monetize your content with our state of the art ad capabilities. Whether you have video clips that you want to burn ads into the stream or you want to sell regionally targeted advertising through Google DFP, we have you covered.
  • I have had a lot of problems with my streams in the past, will my service improve under your paid plans?We can comfortably say yes to this question. Our free streaming service was architected to be as low cost as possible to run. However, this architecture exposed many of our customers to network and hardware issues. Our new services will be built around more proven and reliable technology.
  • We already have a website, can I get my video content on my own page?BlueFrame has an embeddable media widget that can be placed on any website to sort, filter, and display upcoming, live, and archived broadcast created through the BlueFrame streaming service. Please contact support for details.


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We make it easy and cost-effective for you to stream and monetize your content.