2018 Summer Wrap Up

LEXINGTON, Ky. (October 4, 2018) – In the ever changing landscape of sports-centric video streaming, adaptability in technology and expanding the ease of use for customers is the number one priority. Fans across the world expect to see their teams, no matter what level of competition, in the best possible quality. BlueFrame Technology has continued to strengthen its position in this rapidly evolving market, as the premiere end-to-end streaming provider for colleges, high schools, and other sports organizations across the United States.

By continuing to develop and release new features for production and distribution, BlueFrame has not only added 150 new clients this year, but has also implemented new technology to improve client-created content.

“Our customers continue to become advocates for our product and we couldn’t be more pleased.” said Ben Kant, BlueFrame CEO. “The growth we’ve seen even over this past summer has been truly incredible, both with our technology milestones and our new customers that have selected BlueFrame as their platform provider. Organizations are realizing the value in producing, delivering, and branding their own content. Streamlining that entire process so that it is all done by one company and is easier to manage has been BlueFrame’s goal from day one.”

Cementing BlueFrame’s position as an innovative leader in live video streaming services for the collegiate sports market is the addition of numerous NCAA Division I, Division II, and Division III conferences and institutions. BlueFrame has also added new partners across the NJCAA, NAIA, and high school markets and has established agreements with several regional production companies. An overview of BlueFrame’s new client portfolio is provided below.

In addition to adding new clients, BlueFrame continues to press forward with new innovative features for its production software, Production Truck, and broadcast management system, vCloud.

“We take feedback and suggestions from our clients very seriously and that attitude helps us drive new features to our services that will greatly benefit them,” said Josh Braun, Director of Sales and Customer Service. “We’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t take their suggestions and implement them when possible. BlueFrame is committed to ensuring that our technology is the best in the sports streaming market. In addition to that, we want to continue to make it user friendly for viewers and broadcasters alike.”


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For more details on BlueFrame’s latest technology upgrades, view the “Technology Innovations” section below.


Production Truck

  • Scorestream
  • JVC Camera Integration
  • Numerous Production Truck Updates, including ability to stream in 60 fps and 1080p
  • New and updated graphics


  • HD 1080p @ 4.0 Mbps
  • Bulk Scheduler


BlueFrame Technology is the only end-to-end live streaming technology provider specialized for the sports market. Founded in June 2015 with 4 employees and 120 customers, BlueFrame has expanded to 16 employees and over 500 customers servicing over 100,000 live broadcasts. BlueFrame services all levels of sports organizations with the majority of our clients in the collegiate sports market.

To learn more about BlueFrame Technology, contact info@blueframetech.com.

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