BlueFrame Technology and IHSAA Launch IHSAA App Suite

LEXINGTON, Ky. – BlueFrame Technology, in partnership with the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), announced Thursday the release of the IHSAAtv apps for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku.

The IHSAAtv apps, which are now available as free downloads through the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Play Store on Android TV, the App Store on Apple TV, and as a Streaming Channel on Roku, provide fans of the IHSAA quick and easy access to their favorite IHSAA live and archived events produced by the IHSAA Champions Network and IHSAAtv affiliates.  The live‐first app design immediately presents the most‐timely content from across the entire network.  The IHSAA Championships Network and each affiliate has their own channel in the app, and the user‐configurable interface allows viewers to efficiently search through thousands of archived broadcasts. These IHSAAtv applications comes on the heels of IHSAAtv’s 4th generation Apple TV release last fall.  BlueFrame believe IHSAAtv’s presence now represents the most comprehensive offering in all the high school athletics.

“As a leader in high school athletics and sports video production, the IHSAA is an ideal partner to roll out BlueFrame’s streaming application platform for high schools,” said Ben Kant, co‐founder and CEO of BlueFrame Technology.  “IHSAAtv now offers the fans of the IHSAA a first‐class viewership experience.”

IHSAAtv was launched in October 2010.  In 2015, the IHSAA took the unprecedented step of self‐producing a game of the week in addition to state championships.  Starting in 2016, the IHSAAtv platform was opened to network affiliates who provide regular coverage of their local teams.

“We are excited to now offer even more ways for high school sports fans to watch all of our IHSAA Champions Network broadcasts, and the broadcasts of our affiliates, on any of their streaming devises,” said Heath Shanahan, Director of Broadcast Operations and Executive Producer for the IHSAA.  “With these new apps, we are confident that Hoosiers around the globe will have the opportunity to watch their team play live.”

The IHSAAtv platform is open to any broadcaster covering IHSAA events. BlueFrame’s end‐to‐end digital network solution includes everything a broadcaster needs to get started, and the IHSAAtv platform provides a go‐to destination for fans of the IHSAA to engage with those broadcasts.  The IHSAA Champions Network leverages BlueFrame’s end‐to‐end solution to create all of their regular season and state tournament content.

The platform includes:

  • Production Truck:  BlueFrame’s proprietary live production and streaming software comes complete with four camera HD switching, four camera instant replay, sport specific graphics, social media sharing tools, and more.  The IHSAA Champions Network capitalizes on Production Truck’s ability to create high quality content with minimal hardware and manpower.  The social media sharing tools in Production Truck allow producers to easily capture and share highlights from the full production to promote their live streams in real time and engage new audiences.
  • vCloud:  BlueFrame’s cloud content management system provides the tools to put the IHSAA and its sponsors first.  Broadcast poster image, network lead‐in, and content aggregation are all configurable by broadcast, by member institution, or for the whole network.  vCloud provides the flexibility for each affiliate of IHSAAtv to select the service that meets their cost and quality goals.
  •  Playback:  IHSAAtv broadcasts can be viewed on desktop, on mobile, and now on internet‐connected television devices anywhere in the world.  IHSAAtv content is available live and immediately archived for on‐demand viewership.  This means fans of IHSAAtv can watch whenever, wherever, and on their platform of choice.
  • Integration: By utilizing BlueFrame’s end‐to‐end service, IHSAAtv benefits from the seamless integration.  When a broadcast is scheduled, it is immediately available for producers in Production Truck as well as for viewers on all of their IHSAAtv branded presences.

BlueFrame Technology BlueFrame Technology is the only end-to-end live streaming technology provider specialized for the sports market. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, BlueFrame services all levels of sports organizations by providing the software to put their brand and message first. For more information, visit

The IHSAA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization that is self-supporting without the use of tax monies. Since its founding in 1903, the Association’s mission has been to provide wholesome, educational athletics for the secondary schools of Indiana. Its member high schools – public, institutional, parochial and private – pay no annual membership fee or incur entry fees to play in the Association’s tournaments. A state tournament series is conducted annually in 21 sports, 10 for girls, 10 for boys and one co-ed (unified track and field). A 19-person board of directors, elected by member school principals, governs the organization.


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